How to Wear Leather With Style

There's no need to own a motorcycle to look chic in leather. In fact learning how to wear leather with style is as simple as organizing a plain outfit. In the case of a similarly refined material it is crucial to follow some basic principles. Moreover it is also useful to run through the remarkable designer collections to find some voguish examples on mastering the upcoming and at the same time ageless style tendency. Pay special attention to accessories as well as the various designs as the main factors that can help you steal the show with your look.
02 Mar, 2010

Sophisticated materials enjoy special attention both from the side of the public as well as laureate designers. Leather makes no exception when it comes of using it as the main source to create a heavenly outfit. In most of the cases leather has at least to do with innocence and romance, instead it radiates confidence and body-consciousness. The upcoming fashion tendencies, however managed to upgrade the impact this refined material can exercise on the public, utilizing it on one hand in the case of elegant and posh compositions on the other hand in the creation process of ultra-modern futuristic styles. Invest in your wardrobe to benefit of the smashing effect it will have on your entourage. Polish your style knowledge by learning how to wear leather with style.

Balmain 2010 Balmain 2010

  • Being fond of leather is no longer a faux pas, especially if your are eager to adopt a Rock chic outfit. In this case there's no need to restrict yourself only to leather pants. The Spring/Summer 2010 collection of Balmain illustrates how simple it is to sport a leather dress that should be accessorized with minimal details beaming femininity and a dauntless vibe. Draw some inspiration from the rock'n'roll style tendencies and make sure you have at least 3 types of leather clothing in your wardrobe as: pants or leggings, dresses and the all time winner motorcycle jacket.

  • Moreover it must be also mentioned that one of the golden rules of leather fashion is to wear only one single piece of basic clothing item made of or decorated with this material. Too much leather will look outdated and it might seem that you're a poser rather than a natural born rocker. Choose the best shade of leather, for a classy effect, black and for a vibrant glam brown or blue shades.

  • Celine 2010 Celine 2010 YSL 2010 YSL 2010

  • This year designers also tackled the romantic side of leather fashion. Therefore some of the unique creations of Celine and Yves Saint Laurent collections would offer a heart-warming parade of attire ideas for those who would like to rock a more feminine and French chic style appearance. The only secret to keep the prominence of this material on low measure is to pair the leather skirt or dress with a top or accessory as a scarf, shoes and handbags of a different fabric.

  • For a marvelous and refined impression opt for silky blouses, sequin tops as well as floating skirts and last but not least a precious spring sweater as the ace combination both for a business meeting as well as a relaxed dinner. Wearing leather for special events was erased from the list of faux pas. Indeed those who perfected their accessorizing and matching skills will be able to create a high brow attire that suggests confidence and style-consciousness. Include the must have high heels as well as a stylish scarf or belt to further complement both your silhouette and the eye-enchanting look of your outfit.

  • Balenciaga 2010

  • Sporting leather as the basic means to build up a sporty look is also a wise idea. Balenciaga managed to build the whole Spring/Summer 2010 collection around this timeless material that offers support and definition to the clothing items regardless of being pants, dresses or chic vests. Those who wish to sport leather also for a nice and serene stroll in the city will have the chance to organize their attire using the basic and most well-known pieces.

  • However it must be also mentioned that these leather fashion ideas are also perfect for a prominent event that screams for a unique appearance. In this case it is highly recommended to match the chic pair of pants or skirt with stilettos and a tailored blazer for a feminine look. Flats are just as A-list during the upcoming season, however sporting leather with this type of shoe wear would look appropriate only on sylph-like long legged girls. Let yourself be inspired by the latest urban sports chic style trend that fuses signature elements from sportswear with cosmopolitan vogue.

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