How To Wear A Motorcycle Jacket

are you fond of motorcycle jackets still you're not really a biker type? No worries, you can still pull off the style with success if you learn the pattern of matching this fashionable cover-up with the perfect basic outfit pieces. Skim through a few tips on how to wear biker's wear.
26 Oct, 2009

Nowadays styles often blend into one another adopting some of the basic tendencies. This is valid for the biker style which has as it's must have accessory the leather or motorcycle jacket. Indeed modern fashion faded the limits between mass and more alternative styles and allows the wear of different items that characterize a limited group of society.

Biker jackets are one of the most popular trends of the following seasons. As an ageless piece it can be sported with both casual and even formal attires. The secret of matching lies in our creativity, whether we can bring our apparel to the next level and make the right choice in clothing and accessories. These who are in need of a quick tutorial might find these tips on how to wear motorcycle jacket a great help.

Pair the stylish cover-up with the following items:


  • One of the most obvious and chic combination is to pair jeans of all kinds with motorcycle jackets. These pants have a universal aspect and can be matched with different basic pieces both when your are organizing a casual and semi-formal attire. Bikers often go for this ensemble and popularized it so you can bring it to perfection.

  • You're free ti decide upon the style and even color, however it seems that the best is to go for sure and choose the neutral ones. Ripped jeans look just as fabulous with it, however these might give you a real rock chic look.

  • Skirts and Dresses

  • Mini-skirts and short dresses look fabulous paired with a motorcycle jacket. Accentuating your legs, the style can vary from the longer or the shorter versions. Both black and brown leather will create a relaxed and effortless look. The red carpet wasn't either spared by the cocktail dress or more, evening gown paired with leather jacket looks.

  • Some brave volunteers managed to sport a sophisticated attire accessorized with a similar apparently edgy details. The choice of the perfect color depends on the effect you want to create. Whether you are seeking for an eye-popping style or a less prominent one, go for either the neutral black, gray or white shades or the vivid ones as pink or red.

  • Double Leather

  • Double-leather similarly to double-denim is not kitschy instead you can pair two items of the same color if you choose two pieces that perfectly fit your body shape. Avoid large and chunky jackets, pants and skirts, instead go for the fitting principle. Make sure there are no shade differences that would spoil the harmony of the whole apparel. Go for two brown, black or colored pieces of the same tone.

  • Heels

  • High heels are top notch accessories when you want to have a dressed down biker look. Choose wedges or other footwear instead of the signature boots and emphasize your romantic and sensual features with these shoes.

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