How To Dress Tomboy Style

Are you a real devoted fan of masculine clothes and accessories? Adopt the latest tendencies in women's fashion, the tomboy style. This trend proves that ladies can be just as hot and feminine while wearing ties, suspenders and even hats. Learn the basics on how to sport menswear with refined taste.
29 Oct, 2009

The great trick behind being a tomboy is to keep your femininity still wearing the most masculine pieces from men's fashion. Nowadays average women, celebrities and even designers are fascinated by the blurring the limits between the different styles and trends. It's not a novelty that in the past especially during the '50s Jazz era ladies managed to wear ties and hats with finesses as a sign of their early emancipation. However it seems that this tendencies continues to exist among those who are reluctant to stick to the limits between men's and women's wear.

The statement accessories and basic clothing pieces are harmonized into a chic attire following the proper proportions and color combination to look like an original tomboy. It is advisable to gradually enrich your wardrobe with a few masculine pieces and still keep the accessories that would soften your look. If you are in need of stylish ideas skim through the principles bellow on how to dress tomboy style.

Rag and Bone Rag and Bone

Boyfriend Blazers

  • Blazers are the top clothing pieces of the year. Sporting them with skinny jeans or with stylish boyish trouser pants will create the atmosphere for the whole look. There's no need to stick to neutral grandpa colors if your are confident enough to wear more vivid shades. Instead keep the look masculine to achieve the desired tomboy appearance. This is an ageless piece that seems to pop up within each season in the past years being a universal cover-up for both an ultra-feminine and more masculine attire.

  • Vests

  • Masculine style screams for stylish vests either from the classy tweed or cotton the secret to pull off the trend with refined taste is to pair it either with the pants or the blazers or jackets. Wearing vests of different colors and fabrics will provide you with an additional gentle flair that would top your whole appearance. Whether you opt for the longer business type or the small more feminine ones both of these will guarantee a flawless and unique look.

  • Rag and Bone Rag and Bone


  • Wearing a ties might seem tricky however both Rock chicks and Preppy style fans discovered the power of this minuscule detail to brighten up your look. As the must have accessory of a gentleman's wardrobe it is essential to find the one that best flatters your body shape and whole outfit. Opt for the color that complements the other details of your attire.

  • Flannel Trousers

  • These masculine tuxedo style trousers work fabulously with the other boyish accessories of the whole attire. Whether you go for the mono-colored types or choose the pinstripes printed ones the trick is to harmonize with the vest and tuxedo jackets. The tailored finesse of the pants will further accentuate the masculine allure of your look.

  • Karl Lagerfeld Yves Saint Laurent


  • Hats can be also considered top notch accessories of a tomboy look. Sporting either stylish fedoras or a enchanting panamas will flash your style consciousness and refined taste in menswear ideal to be worn by cosmopolitan ladies. Those who consider it a bit too exaggerating should sport these accessories during the summer when women who are fond of their femininity also complete their outfit with these universal headwear pieces.

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