How to Dress to Accentuate Curves

Contemporary fashion trend offer endless options to camouflage our beauty flaws and also emphasize the main assets. Learning how to dress to accentuate curves is the chief means to add a feminine and noble flair to our look. From the selection of various fabrics and color combination to the ideal designs all will serve our goal to look spectacularly both on casual as well as formal occasions.
05 Feb, 2010

In order to look flawless and adopt a flattering style make sure you dive into the depth of this modern art that has the ability to place into the spotlight your best assets. Those who struggle with confidence problems due to their figure will benefit of the pleasure of experimenting with various fashion tricks. Learning more about the main tendencies and new fashion trends is the first step towards body-consciousness. This factor is extremely important when organizing your outfits for various events. These are some of the time-tested methods to accentuate curves with oh-so-perfect style items.

  • Refuse to hide behind chunky sweaters and other baggy clothes, though you might think that a slimmer figure look fabulous wearing loose materials and designs it seems that style pros will have to refute your theory. In fact curves can be flashed only after ditching out all the unappealing and XXL pieces. However there's always an open door to match the loose with the tight, therefore it is advisable to preserve some of your favorite clothes by pairing skinnies with ruffled or tight tops with a stylish floating miniskirt. All you have to do is place the emphasis on the body part that bares your sex-appeal in the form of curves.

  • Drape dresses lead the top of must have accessories in 2010. Therefore make sure you load up your wardrobe with these heavenly creations. The ability of these dresses to camouflage the weight excess and humps and bumps, still perfectly adopt the fine lines of every body shape makes it an ageless piece of clothing. If you are keen to show off your refined and tones body make sure the length of the dress doesn't crosses the magic limit of the knee. This is the ideal measure that would secure the proper accentuation of the curves both on the level of buttocks as well as waist.

  • Choosing the perfect neckline is also crucial in order to perk up our look. Regardless of the breast size every lady can sport a V-neck which will grant their look with a classic and sophisticated aura. Though the cold season might require some cover-ups, still during the spring and summer sporting an open-necklined top or blouse will have an overwhelming effect. The cleavage can determine the style and event-appropriateness of your attire. Consequently it is highly recommended to pair the occasion with the measure of the decolletage.

  • Chiffon is one of the favorite fabrics of designers to add some curves to their super-skinny models. Why not steal this creative trick and embed this material into our both casual and formal wardrobe. All you have to do is to choose a chiffon blouse or dress to accentuate the curves. Those who have an athletic and androgynous silhouette can also juggle with the proportions of their body by paying special attention to layering. In this case look curvier with a 'tint of chiffon'.

  • Cinched-waist coats and dresses can also become your best ally in your project to look more feminine. Whether you have an embedded cinching or would appeal to the help of a wide belt, the secret in fact lies in creating the balance between the upper and lower body. Creating the illusion of an hourglass figure is the means to look curvier. The slim waist can visibly increase the size of the buttocks as well as that of the breasts. These are some of the most highly recommended tips to accentuate curves.

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