How To Dress Beatnik Style

Were you impressed by the beat movement and its anti-traditional attitude? Then why not return back to those days by sporting true-to-beat outfits. Learn what are the wardrobe must haves in order to dress beatnik style.
01 Oct, 2009

As one of the popular branches of Mod fashion, Beatnik style managed to conquer crowds of fans all over the world. It was more than a fashion trend it was a great break with the Ivy League cockney traditions. Pop culture was emerging at a breakneck pace, in 2005 it was successfully bounced back by John Galliano and Christian Dior.

Great fashion goddesses as Edie Sedgwick, the real Factory Girls as she was also known, inspired these groovy collections. Turning back to the monochrome, classy masculine style of the 50s and 60s designers re-created some wearable still super-dashing pieces. Indeed the black and white, basic color combo, is a signature quality of the Beatnik trend.

In spite of the monotony of a look this killer match looked fabulous both on the street and catwalk.

Marc Jacobs in his collection Fall 2008 RTW illustrates the must have props to sport a Beatnik outfit. Dark sunglasses, bags as well as berets are top notch details to pay special attention to.
Fans of beats might consider exposing their wardrobe to a quick makeover that would combine both a metamorphosis in accessories and basic outfit elements.

From androgynous too extremely feminine looks, loyal followers created their own style. Having as must have duds in their wardrobe: sweaters preferably mono-colored ones, skinny drainpipes which are without a doubt tricky pants worn both by girls and boys.

What's more, striped tops, masculine shirts and oversized black blazers, the footwear was also characteristic as ballet flats or over-the-knee boots. Girls could easily slip into a sweater-dress to become real praise magnets.

Accessories are essential when completing your Beatnik look. Skinny scarves and belts as well as headbands are all glam-boosters, wear them with style to flash your fashion forward attitude.

ABC staples in a Beatnik's wardrobe are bags both girls and boys can wear glamorous designs. You can find them in vintage stores if you want to save some nickels.
Hats are also classy accessories, the buzzword when choosing head-wear is Parisian style berets these will fly you back to the golden days on the spot.

Look at gorgeous celeb Beatnik outfits popularized by Kirsten Dunst, Mary-Kate Olsen and Alexa Chung. This style offers you plenty options to pull off a daring outfit.
You don't have to restrict yourself to dark colors, if you find pleasure in wearing bright tones don't deny it. Adopt this style only once in a while when you crave for a real classy show of.

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