How to Buy Vintage

The past decades witnessed the fabulous rebirth of vintage. Therefore learning how to buy vintage clothes, accessories and other style items is essential to create a unique and personalized look. The various pieces though old in look should undoubtedly feel fresh and be in a spotless condition in order to be able to embed them into a groovy outfit. These are some of the basic principles to have in mind when purchasing similar pieces.
18 Feb, 2010

Vintage means class and refinement as it is proved by the spectacular collections of great designers. The earlier decades without a doubt established some golden rules of fashion which are still respected and shepherded in the present. People who are flirting with the idea of completing their wardrobe with some precious vintage pieces will be thrilled to find our more on the basic guidelines that can help them through the selection and acquisition process. Paying special attention to condition, size and also color is crucial in order to be able to wear vintage clothing and accessories for a longer period without committing a faux pas. Adopting the vintage style trend can be tricky if your are out of any creative ideas. The secret is to consider some of the tips on how to buy vintage,

  • Size: It's a great mistake to buy clothes randomly and relying on the sizing. Instead of regretting your spree make sure you try these clothes and accessories on in order to choose the best pieces for an oh-so-fab outfit. In the past measuring might have been different, more, the standards also differed. Clothes designed for slimmer or bustier ladies might not suit your body shape. Consequently feel confident to try these clothes on.

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  • Modern Vintage: It is also important to choose pieces that are wearable unless you want to complete a collection of pieces you'll hide in your closet. In order to find the right and universal pieces opt for clothes, shoes and handbags that can be included in your daily or special outfits. There's no need to jump into these clothes only when you wear a plain vintage attire, instead combine them with modern style items that were already in your wardrobe. Choose a stylish blouse or a vintage dress and choose a modern and ultra-fab sweater to crown your outfit.

  • Latest Trends: Furthermore it is also highly recommended to look through the newest fashion trends. These would show you what items are 'in' and what are the ones that are already 'out' of the spotlight. Tailored pieces, plaid, pastel colors, as well as mod dresses all will work perfectly with all figures if paired properly with other additional details. Designer collections illustrate the best how vintage manages to stay in top due to its creative quality. Choose the right decade and organize your outfits according to the style tendencies of the season.

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  • Quality: When we engage into a shopping spree we might get mesmerized by the multitude of options and wide selections of clothes and other pieces. However it is a must to think rationally and take a closer glimpse at the quality of the fabrics. Polish your looks of observation by spotting hidden stitches, stains or other signs of deterioration. When the case is aggravated the dress or the pair of shoes might not survive the next season. It is also advisable to spot the tiny details as zippers, buttons and tailoring. This will illustrate how wearable a real clothing piece is, and whether it is worth buying it.

  • Colors and Prints: Despite the fact that vintage ensembles were mainly black, you don't have to stick to one shade. Instead move on a larger color palette and opt for beige, earth colors, white and also nautical tones. These are some of the most favorite color combination used in the past decades. Both due to their classy look as well as quality of flattering all body shapes. It is also an ingenious ideas if you collect some pieces that use a smashing print, be it geometrical, polka dot, stripes or even tribal prints the key is to include it properly into your personal wardrobe.

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