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Vintage and elegant fashion styles are among the most popular styles at the moment and one celebrity who seems to look fabulous wearing this style is Victoria Beckham. Find out how Victoria radically changed her fashion style and became the style icon she is today.
18 Nov, 2009

It's been a while since the “Spice Girls” era and British pop star Victoria Beckham has since then experienced with different styles to create her own style. Being often critiqued for her boldness and too revealing outfits Victoria Beckham has managed to pull herself out of the worst dressed list and take herself towards becoming a style icon. Style icon Victoria Beckham has upgraded her style, and went from too much to fabulously elegant. The transformation was absolutely extraordinary, her outfits now expressing good taste and elegance.

People who flirt with fashion can only improve their style and it seems that style icon Victoria Beckham has managed to do so perfectly. She has learned the basics of fashion, discovered her style and managed to become a designer for her own fashion label.

Victoria Becham Style Victoria Becham Style

What made Victoria Beckham a style icon is her way of going from one extreme to another without loosing the good taste. She manages to go from casual to retro to elegant maintaining the same amount of style and sexiness. Her casual outfits are well thought, every element is meant to complete the collection. Jeans paired with gorgeous jackets and lovely handbags make a great option for Victoria.

Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham

For special as well as casual occasions Victoria seems to adopt a different style, an elegant vintage style similar to Jackie Kennedy. Her formal pencil skirts and dresses suit Victoria's style by balancing her sexiness and adding a certain mystery which creates a powerful attraction. This style is elegant and classic at the same time, a timeless style which cannot fail.
The dresses Victoria Beckham usually opts for are sexy yet elegant. Her dresses usually hug her petite body and accentuate her feminine forms.
If you are looking for a celebrity muse when it comes to fashion, Victoria Beckham could be the answer to your search.

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