Style Icon Jackie O

First ladies charm us with their refined allure, however there are the chosen ones as Jackie Kennedy who enter the history of fashion with their unique and mass inspiring appearance. Find out more about style icon Jackie O.
01 Oct, 2009

Jackie Onassis as the A-list socialite and a venerated style icon, created her unique fashion due to her humble and classy personality. Elegance is a keyword when describing her style. As a first lady she succeeded in influencing huge crowds who craved for an idol. By devoting extra-care to her appearances she contributed to the 'first-lady beauty' reputation.

Whether she liked it or not, she became an ultimate icon of the early 60s. Representing the high society she tried to survive her critical marriages by finally becoming a real shopaholic. However her sophisticated taste was prolific. Wearing impeccable combos of accessories as hats and clean suits made by popular French couture designers gradually established her reputation among fashion gurus.

Firmly believing in the 'less is more' idea she tried to avoid stiffly grabbing a unique style without ever crossing its barriers. By mixing different high brow and low brow stuff she fought against a static look. Her original accessories made her look fabulous regardless of the nature of the event she participated to. Essential elements when describing Jacki O's closet staples are:

  • Elbow-length gloves

  • Pill Box Hats

  • Floor-length gowns created by designers as Givenchy and Valentino

  • Pea coats with big buttons

  • A-line skirts

  • Jackie O-style sunglasses

  • Solid colors and well-fitted dresses were her favorite choice. The world of fashion considers her one of the epitomes of style and this art. Respected fashion designers repeatedly echo her style and find extreme pleasure in going back to the basics of her appearance.

    Whether it comes of accessories or basic outfit pieces they manage to embed the classy details into the style trends of modern times. Celebrities tend to opt for her classic and elegant style when flashing their beauties on the red carpet.

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