Style Icon Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman became a very successful actress staring in various movies that have helped transform her into the style icon she is today. Find out what made Ingrid Bergman such a star.
16 Nov, 2009

A star of the 1940s, Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman has managed to maintain her status as style icon for decades now. Ingrid Bergman has won several awards for her movie roles, roles which have helped her create her image.

Being a style icon for those times was not an easy thing to do but it seems that Ingrid has managed to become one fairly easy. Her natural beauty, her personality, talent and fashion style made Ingrid Bergman the style icon she was and still is today.
Vintage styles have made a huge comeback for spring summer 2010 and it seems that vintage style icons will be able to influence women all over the world.

Vintage outfits, make-up styles and hairstyles create such an amazing sensual, mysterious and innocent look, a look which appeals to every vintage loving women.

Ingrid Bergman Ingrid Bergman

Style icon Ingrid Bergman had an amazing style. Her make-up was always on the natural, with gorgeously defines cheekbones and sensual red lips. This style suited her perfectly and enhanced her beautiful facial features.

With a medium length hair, Ingrid has managed to style it to her advantage. Medium length hairstyles were and still are among women's most preferred hairstyles due to their medium maintenance level and styling opportunities. Vintage finger wave hairstyles made Ingrid look exceptionally stylish.


Her gorgeous physical appearance was enhanced by her beautiful fashion style. Pencil skirts, gorgeous A line dresses, gorgeous vintage style suits made Ingrid stand out of the crowd. She wore her outfits gracefully and she was always in pace with fashion styles.
If you love vintage fashion, Ingrid Bergman can be a great style icon for you. If you can learn how to exude a little bit of her elegance and style, you will most definitely capture all the desired attention.

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