Style Icon Audrey Hepburn

How could anyone forget Holy Golightly the adorable fashion and luxury addict character portrayed by one of the goddesses of fashion, style icon Audrey Hepburn.
29 Sep, 2009

Without a doubt she earned a place in the Hall of Fame of actors as well as in the heart of fashion gurus. Let's take a closer look on the career of this all time style icon Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn flashed her natural born acting talent in 'Roman Holidays' and 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. However these are not the only achievements that can be enlisted in her impressive resume. Past and present blend when famous designers revive her sophisticated style with amazing collections. We can find several aspects and trends that still embody what she meant as refined elegance and retro glamor.

The clothes and accessories she wore made her popular among the celebrities and average people who want to radiate a classic and unique style. Due to her slender figure and flat chest she might have been considered too skinny. However her stylist succeeded in transforming these flaws into her strengths. Keeping her silhouette spotless and slim, she helped Givenchy in creating real art works.

Without ever departing from a single style, she managed to become a fashion icon by making a boring dresses look appealing and chic all throughout her life. Even if we are not lucky enough to have her amazing figure, at least we can adopt some of her trend-setting ideals. We can find ageless pieces in her wardrobe from.

The chick little black dress is only one treasure we have from her. Making it extremely popular during the craze around 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. It was indeed her unique signature piece, launching a HUGE wave when women whether famous or average adopted her look for the red carpet or other formal events. Following the 'less is more' principle she choose a simple dress boosting her look with accessories.

Capri pants are also basic items of her wardrobe. Regardless of length and size, these pants are really classy and elegant. For the Audrey look, choose ones that end right beneath your knees or above the ankles. This outfit flashed her beautiful figure and paired with flat ballets look miraculously.

Audrey Hepburn's style raid would be incomplete without ballet Flats. It was a real talent to wear these and still create the effect high heels would make. She experimented with pairing them with shorts, Capri pants and even dresses. It was a real comfy and at the same time brave choice, but it had smashing success in the world of fashion.

Hats were also her specialty sporting from the most bouffant styles to the romantic and classy designs, undoubtedly she found her home among accessories. All these tiny and at the same time essential details brought her fame and respect from the part of fashion gurus. Indeed she will live in the memory of style-conscious people as one of the all time favorite style icon.

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