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Alexa Chung, the British television presenter and fashion icon has managed to succeed in developing her own gorgeous quirky style and she looks fabulous. A girl with a great taste in fashion, Alexa Chung can be a fashion muse for women worldwide.
07 Dec, 2009

Currently known in America for her MTV television show “It's On With Alexa Chung”, the English television presenter has quickly become an idol and style icon for many teenagers worldwide. With a highly developed fashion style and an “It girl” status, Alexa Chung has conquered the sympathy of many people all over the world.

Style icon Alexa Chung has a very well defined fashion style which she uses to make her fashion style distinctive. With a quirky cool style, Alexa Chung manages to attract plenty of media attention, appearing on the celebrity best dressed list regularly. Fashion style is a very important thing which can help express your personality. People shouldn't dress after the same pattern as they have different personalities, and something should make us look different and there is nothing else better than through fashion style.

Alexa Chung Alexa Chung Alexa Chung Alexa Chung

It is amazing how style icon Alexa Chung manages to express herself through fashion. She is a girl who loves to look good without looking like she tried too hard and that is something to be admired. A celebrity with a unique fashion style, she manages to look like a supermodel who just stepped out of a magazine. Even though Alexa Chung loves fashion she is a celebrity who doesn't put an accent on pricy high fashion styles only. She has been seen mixing and matching high priced fashion items with low price ones in a lovely and stylish way. Her outfits always exude style and individuality, style which is most definitely worth copycatting.

It It Alexa Chung Alexa Chung

Modern outfits with a little bit of retro or vintage influences help create Alexa Chung's fashion style. Trenches, lovely skirts and dresses, tights and jeans are Alexa's main fashion choice. Paired with different classic or retro styles, she manages to create a completely different outfit. Combining different styles is not an easy task but Alexa manages to do so wonderfully.
If you are looking for a style icon to act as a muse and help you achieve a well defined gorgeous fashion style, Alexa Chung's style can be a great solution.

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