How-To Guide: Festival Style

It’s spring now and summer is coming soon, so what’s next? It’s time to party, that’s true. Whether we’re talking about beach parties, outside clubs, concerts and of course festivals, we need to know what style to adopt properly for every personality.
03 May, 2010

The perfect way to have fun and release yourself is definitely through music, right? And what better way to enjoy the rhythm of your favorite bands or artists than at a live concert with which you don’t just show your respect for your idols but also you expose yourself to another life surrounded by art and freedom.

Even if most of the festivals involve music, from rock to folk or electronic, they are others that stand out like theatre fests, film or literary but they all have in common one thing, art. By having a large variety of different festivals, dressing appropriately might be a problem for some and choosing the right outfit seems way harder then it really is.

Rule nr. 1 – Dress appropriately for the specific type of festival.

This may not sound like a big deal, but seriously you’re not going to dress for Cannes as you do for Coachella. At music festivals usually going for indie-casual it’s the perfect way to succeed, because it’s mostly about having fun and not a dress-up game. But remember, being comfortable doesn’t mean just plain jeans, top and sneakers.

You can look good and feel fabulous in the same time without having a worry about discomfort while you dance and hang around, so it’s a better opportunity to take out those vintage sandals you haven’t wore in a while, a floral high-waisted skirt plus accessories like headbands, bracelets, earrings or necklaces.

Rule nr. 2 – Be yourself

Finding a unique style is not the easiest thing for everyone because some spend their whole lives looking for themselves but meanwhile all you can do is to try a little bit of everything and anything to gain knowledge about life and what does it involve. Changing styles it’s only a step in creating your own and that’s why fashion icons or idols have a huge part in the evolution of personal styling.

Some of the best fashion icons for a festival image thematic are carefree celebrities with a major background in this area. Their style can be characterized as being independent, grunge or casual chic and choosing ordinary pieces that come transformed into a mix of styles creates uniqueness and reveals the personality through appearance.

Rule nr. 3 – ENJOY

In the end it doesn’t matter what trends you follow and who wears what, it’s about having the time of your life and enjoying every second of it. Fashion may pass but style is immortal and there’s no style if there’s no personality, so make sure to outline it even through appearances!

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