How To Wear The Double Denim Trend

Who could deny that jeans are not universal style items? Indeed time tested the value of this idea and it proved that when you have nothing to wear just put on a jeans or denim stuff to look gorgeous. Double-denim is the 'new black' when it comes of jeans trend. Those who have problems on how to match two denim items and still not look like a farmer might use these fab ideas.
07 Nov, 2009

The 80s mesmerized the designers when they created both the Fall 2009 as well as Spring 2010 collections. Fashion gurus broke the golden rules of fashion and re-launched the notorious double-denim style. Some might be offended by this dirty deed, however denim becomes a must have when it comes of new fashion trends and vogue.

The famous fashion house D&G knew the risk when he realized his denim fantasy for the next season. It might seem boring to wear to pieces of the same fabric in the same outfit. However what can be more modish than adopting this country-street style combo trend.

D&G Spring 2010 D&G Spring 2010

  • It's time to excavate your old, dusty denim pieces from the bottom of your wardrobe and put them on. It might even look gorgeous paired with a plaid or a bright colored top and some classy accessories. Indeed fashion wizards will prove that the 80s are back, without any excuse. Double denim is not a crime anymore, especially if you have the right attitude to wearing it.

  • Whether you wear the same shaded pieces or put on different colors, you're look can be each ways smashing. Don't scare away of the rumors, it will be a hip whether the crowd likes it or not. Boyfriend blazers and skinnies already maintain their position on the catwalk, if you fashion consciously complete it with another denim, you might even own the look.

  • William Rast Fall/Winter 2009/2010 William Rast Fall/Winter 2009/2010

  • William Rast already anticipated the ageless trend with the Fall/Winter 2009/2010 collection that illustrates how two pieces of denim can blend into a visually pleasing stylish outfit without looking like wearing a countryside uniform. Indeed those who long to maintain the harmonious and continuous line of the attire can pair two denim items of the same shade and material. Those who are on the contrary looking for a change can also pick pieces that contrast in tone and even effect.

  • Contrary to misconceptions spread all over the style world double-denim is knocking on the door and whether you are in need of an always chic apparel or just love denim, you'll mostly welcomed to sport this trend with confidence. Guys and girls as D&G illustrates look just as fabulous in this trend, sporting the youthful and at the same time alluring double-denim fashion.

  • William Rast Fall/Winter 2009/2010 William Rast Fall/Winter 2009/2010

  • Double denim was for a long time associated with those who didn't have the creativity to pair two pieces of clothes of two different fabrics. However the real mastery these days is beyond question to emphasize the refined quality and look of two style items that are of the same material. Those who would like to perk up their outfit with stylish accessories can choose statement jewelry as well as simple scarves and 'must have' boots. The best way to pull off the style with a unique attitude is to add surprising and overwhelming details.

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