Men's Urban Sportswear Trend Spring/Summer 2010

The next season offers gents a fabulous and large-scale repertoire when it comes of fashion trends. The urban sportswear trend for spring/summer 2010 appeal to various fabrics and an infinite chromatic palette to charm men with the versatile collections. Designers managed to fuse function with refinement when revolutionizing the sporty style items and projecting it into a cosmopolitan milieu. Take a closer look at the chic ensembles to draw some inspiration when organizing your wardrobe.
23 Feb, 2010

As the name denotes the trend aims to elaborate a new approach to making comfortable and functional fashion creations both stylish and masculine. The elements of traditional summer sports gear as shorts, t-shirts as well as sneakers or sandals are embedded into a spectacular designer collection that aims to offer the chance for those who follow a cosmopolitan and 'mondaine' lifestyle to feel confident and chic during the warm season. Fashion gods as Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Hugo Boss made their special entree to pay tribute to a modern and upgraded fashion look. Models were sporting vision-pleasing attires, complemented by the must have accessories of the season as sunglasses and handbags. Those who are overwhelmed by this smashing combo of chic and sport will have the opportunity to choose from the illustrative and statement collections below.

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2010 Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2010

Ralph Lauren is one of the great designers who managed to breathe life into the classic Ivy Prep look of men. Refusing to adhere to the party of those who would like to sweep this fashion tradition under the carpet, the fashion guru illustrated how versatile this trend really is. The color palette ranges from the neon tones to the neutralblack and white combination. The signature style items are sweaters, shorts as well as blazers that can be perfectly embedded into a stylish look especially if we are keen to explore the limits of public praise.

Gents who want to upgrade their wardrobe to the upcoming trends will have the chance to sport a sophisticated and at the same time up-to-date outfit with a classic and ultra-masculine allure. Don't forget about the trademark accessories of the season as the sunglasses and the bags, however make sure you also include some dandy-style ties as well as belts into the repertoire of fashion props.

Lacoste Spring/Summer 2010 Lacoste Spring/Summer 2010 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010

The Spring/Summer 2010 collections of Lcoste and Louis Vuitton adopt a traditional perspective towards the concept of urban chic. Models sport shorts and stylish jackets as well as sweaters echoing the atmosphere of high brow sports as tennis and golf. In the case of the Louis Vuitton collection the urban vibe is created with the help of creative accessories as the tiny bags attached to the belts as well as the tailored blazers and pants.

The chromatic composition is extended to vivid shades as orange and also yellow, however the designers also flashed their devotion for the warm and breezy colors as beige, ivory and also the classy black. Lacoste also appeals to the Preppy college look of the models and places special emphasis on the tennis men's style sweaters, polo shirts as well as must have suede sneakers. Pile up some of these stylish items into your closet to have the all time winner outfit for the spring and hot summer.

Hugo by Hugo Boss 2010 Hugo by Hugo Boss 2010

One of the must-see collections of the spring/summer men fashion is Hugo by Hugo Boss. Indeed the parade of outfits elaborates the color trends of the next season from the neutral shades to the eye-popping ones as red. The clothes have a classy and gent's style look due to the meticulous tailoring as well as the spotless pairings of accessories with basic items. The urban sportswear funk is added by the classy interpretation of comfortable and at the same time breezy season-appropriate outfits. The style opera follows the tradition of the Ivy League style that encourages the sporting of sandals as well as elegant suits and also ankle length pants or shorts.

One of the worth-spotting accessories proposed by Hugo Boss is the tote bag of a prominent size and matching color with the overall appearance. Moreover the black or white sandals are also among the additional and mod pieces that will dress down the ceremonial look of suits and trousers. Adopt a similar look if your are keen to show off with your refined style-consciousness and trend-awareness.

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