Men's Leather Jacket Fashion Trend 2010

Various fabrics managed to engrave themselves into the history of fashion. The men's leather jacket fashion trend 2010 revives the ageless value of this style piece that is popularized both by men and women. Apparently there's always one moment in time when leather jackets as well as pants can be evoked to save and upgrade out outfit. Paired either with other leather pieces or with various fabrics and more classy designs. Designers illustrated how universal leather really is all throughout the decades as the must have materials in their workshops.
25 Feb, 2010

Is it surprising that the catwalk is crowned with the stylish leather jacket variations of fashion gurus? The answer is most certainly negative, since this style piece occupied a front row position in the stylish wardrobe of all body- and style-conscious people. From the ones who are fond of the rugged James Dean look as well as the ones who would like to sport edgy outfits resembling the hard rock aura of rock stars. This is what its universal quality really presupposes. Men especially pay their tribute to leather jackets as the ultimate accessory that would serve both as a high brow statement fashion item as well as a comfy cover-up. The upcoming season offers a rich repertoire of ideas on how to embed the men's leather jacket fashion trend 2010 into a chic outfit repertoire.

Roberto Cavalli 2010 Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2010

Roberto Cavalli managed to pair trousers with the modern Beatnik style outfits crowned with a stylish leather jacket. Models sport these style items in various designs. The form-fitting trousers offer dimension and a gentleman look to the silhouettes. The refusal of the excessive leather use mirrors the designer's perspective on how to wear leather jackets with great taste and without exaggeration. Matched with a simple t-shirt or worn paired with classic ties and as a contrast a Beatnik style tousled or bangs hair style, this accessory manages to gain a special prominence among the latest men's fashion trends. Choose these stylish pieces in various sizes and designs from the knee- to hip-length as well as tight or loose versions.

D&G Spring/Summer 2010 D&G Spring/Summer 2010 Hermés Spring/Summer 2010 Hermés Spring/Summer 2010

The collections of D&G as well as Hermés portray a contrasting approach towards sporting leather jackets. While the first one clearly expresses its fondness for the rock'n'roll look the latter one would adopt a more Romantic and muted perspective on how to 'accessorize' a leather jacket. Wearing must have jeans as well as breezy trousers is one of the creative manners to adopt the trend. Regardless of body shape these examples can be projected in street-wear. Go either for a more sophisticated charm or the rugged sex-appeal to find the look that best suits your personality. Be it a classy and ageless bomber jacket or a three quarter length one, the key to pull off the look is to be body- and style-conscious and choose the right basic clothing items promoted by the new fashion trends.

Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010

Burberry Prorsum adopts a modernized version of the leather jacket, abstracting from the traditional black shade, the Spring/Summer 2010 collection lines up a selection of leather jackets in trench and hip-length version. Christopher Bailey appealed to refined tailoring to create the perfectly suiting jackets for models and modern gents. Tendencies of utilitarian fashion are combined with the new aspirations of designers to create at least as sophisticated attires as the ones presented in women fashion. Brown is the quintessential tone that dominates the show in its classic Brit chic aura. Choose this fusion of function and good taste if you want to be prepared for the upcoming season both in gear and style tendencies.

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