Geek Chic Trend In Men's Fashion

Are you an original self-proclaimed Geek? Learn how to adopt the latest geek chic trend into your nerdy days and find out more on how to turn these signature clothes into a casual and relaxed wear. Flash your attitude and self-confidence by following the latest chic tendencies.
22 Oct, 2009

As the name reveals this trend promotes rather the embedding of several Geek elements into stylish outfits. There's no need to turn into a real nerd to adopt this style however it would be much easier. instead take on the role of Steve Urkel and Co. to flash your creative attitude to clothes and accessories. Undoubtedly there's no room for a messy look with all the items dressed randomly, instead it's about talent and planning.

In order to create a smashing effect it is worth knowing that this style adopts different traits from different movements as Preppy, Beatnik, Punk and Hiphop. Those who are fond of versatile accessories and colorful compositions will find Geek chic the perfect rend to compose real fashion masterpieces. Get into the groove and metamorphose into a real Geek with the following tips.

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  • T-shirts or classy men shirts look fabulous especially when having signature prints and geekish patterns. Simple stripes as well as funny messages are all welcomed when choosing the top for your outfit.
    It is recommended to choose T-shirts that are colorful in order to keep their accentuated effect even when worn with cover-ups. Shirts are quintessential geek accessories. Short- or long-sleeved with checks or plain the key is to look for fitted ones that will balance the nerdy look and will still radiate some masculinity.

  • Remember the secret for a textbook style geek look is layering.
    Sweaters are the most popular and telling pieces paired with these stylish shirt. Choose from the classy gray and black one or go for matte colors. The best way to pull off the style with refined skill is to match the colored top with the neutral colored sweater or jacket.

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  • Plaid trousers are perfect to further upgrade and complete the Geek chic attire. In the style of the movie screen nerds wear them with the layered tops. Be careful when choosing the color, you can go for the darker and classy ones as black and brown however some might prefer the green, navy or more colorful ones too.

  • Jeans are also wardrobe staples in this case, with a compulsory skinny design. Fitting jeans will create the best impression with the additional accessories and the dandy style sweaters. Feel confident to experiment with this item especially if you are pleased with your figure. Avoid old-school baggy boyfriend jeans these will only spoil the groove.

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    Accessories and Shoes

  • No doubt a Geek without the trademark accessories is only a poser. Some of the endless lists of these would include ties, bow or skinny ones, braces, squared glasses and dorky bags. Carefully plan your outfit and include these on the must have list, choose vivid colored designs or classy ones depending on the effect you want to create.

  • Sneakers work perfectly to jazz up the Geek look. Converse or Hi-top skateboard shoes offer you the chance to dressed down the formal look of sweaters and wear a sporty look.Celebrities as Kanye West, Mark Ronson and Adam Brody and were also infected by this new virus and seem to adopt it with great style offering a fab example to those who are just at the beginning of this style adventure.

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