Business Attire For Men

Businessmen often face difficulties when organizing their attire. Indeed it should be event-, age- and figure-appropriate. These are several factors that can define the proper business apparel. Whether you work at a company that requires a formal, semi-formal or a more sophisticated look. The best way to pull off the style with ease and perfection is to know the basic details of a traditional business outfit.
15 Oct, 2009

Similarly to women, men in certain circumstances have to adjust their wardrobe to the expectations. Indeed it might seem a Herculean job still it seems that first impression is in all cases vital. First of all it is recommended to identify the criteria of the the proper business attire that a company or a certain meeting establishes. Then you'll be able to get hold of all the important details and wardrobe staples, that can be combined in order to create charming outfits.

The basic business look code includes 'must have' items as suits, shirts, ties and chic shoes. These are some of the basic pillars of the outfit. However it seems that there is more in it than just opting for a 'you-name-it' designs, fabric or color. Here are some of the top tips on business attire for men.

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  • Suits are quintessential elements of a businessmen closet. These pieces radiate confidence and class, consequently it is important to choose the best style in order to keep a good reputation. Size and fabric is equally important, always choose suits that fit your body shape. Be careful certainly there are flaws you want to hide and assets you would like to emphasize.

  • Go for neutral and darker colors. According to the dress code you are allowed to sport black, dark brown, navy and gray colored pieces. These should follow either a classic line or can be decorated with pinstripes that would also create the illusion of a slender and toned figure.

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    Ties and Shirts

  • Depending on your personal preferences and also the expectations of the company, you can wear shirts that are either vivid colored or solid ones. Shirts and ties complement each other, this is the trick to create the base for the whole look. Make sure you choose high quality pieces that reflect your style-consciousness.

  • Generally the best combo in ties and shirts is the solid colored shirt and a mildly contrasting tie or one that has a tone that belongs to the same color category, neutral or bright. Avoid funny ties with all kinds of messages that would look childish and inappropriate on a serious business meeting.Make sure the tie reaches no lower than your belly button unless you would like to steal a few inches from your height.

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  • The range of accessories is ultra-wide due to the latest trends that line up a multitude of bags, belts, shoes and jewelries that perfectly complete the business attire of men. The key in the case of all of these elements is to choose the proper color.

    The best way to stay classy and chic is to match the shoes with the suit as well as the belt. This way the overall effect will be harmonious and no pieces will pop out and shift the attention from the complete attire as a whole.

  • Leather is indeed the signature fabric that should be selected when purchasing a high quality accessory. Both in the case of bags, shoes ans belts, go for the guarantees success and choose leather. Avoid pairing a neutral colored basic clothing piece with vivid colored shoes or belt. According to the rules of business protocol the lightest color in shoes men businessmen should wear is light brown this refers to all accessories.

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