Braided Runway Hair Styles Spring/Summer 2010

The fabulous hair styling techniques of the next season echo romance and ingenuity. Braided runway hair styles Spring/Summer 2010 offer the chance to adopt some of the multitude of plaiting patterns available on the market. The secret to pull off a similar look is to pair the right length of the strands with the ideal looks. Acclaimed designers provided the public with a dazzling repertoire of braided hair styles worth of a taking a closer glimpse at.
19 Feb, 2010

Braided hair styles enjoy huge popularity due to the sophisticated art of creating them. The various patterns and creative manners that manage to both accentuate the quality of the strands as well as complete a smashing look recruit millions of fans. Designers make no exception who find these styling options the quintessential means to create the proper stage for a romantic and feminine collection. Models sport these looks in a unique way as both the texture and color of their hair is distinguished. From the girlie milkmaid braids to the fairy-tale and at the same time Boho-style side-braids as well as fish plaits all contribute to the authenticity and atmosphere of the fashion shows. Choose from the multitude patterns and sport a different braid style for various events.

Oscar de la Renta 2010 Oscar de la Renta 2010

Milkmaid Braids

Oscar de la Renta decided to fuse the rustic with cosmopolitan by dressing up her models with an oh-so-fab milkmaid braid hair styles. The look is unique and bares the signs of the runway hair dressing craze from 2009 still takes the technique to the next level. The interwoven colorful ribbon further upgrades the look of the strands with a chic patch of color, that accentuates the well-defined pattern used to create a similar hairdo.

The Spring/Summer 2010 RTW show of Oscar de la Renta lines up a cavalcade of milkmaid braids ranging from the neatly plaited polished ones to the tousled variations. The innocent allure is created due to the overall exposure of the face as well as the bold eyeliner makeup that balances the youthful look adding a feminine flair to the whole appearance.

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2010 Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2010 Miu Miu 2010 Miu Miu 2010

Side-Braided Hair Styles

Some fashion gurus wished to go with the safe way and choose a braiding techniques that has an ancient tradition. Side-braided hair styles indeed originate from the earlier centuries still their symbolism was shepherded as the all time image of innocence and youthful allure. The fairy-tale style high brow plaits were substituted however with a messy and more relaxed look that announces the arrival of the warm season.

Alexander Wang and also Miu Miu in their Spring/Summer 2010 RTW show furnish the audience with a stylish example of how to dress down a similarly ageless hairdo. Models popularized the Boho braids with an undefined side part joined by flyaway strands and a loose plaiting. The outstanding eyebrow( Alexander Wang) and eyelash(Miu Miu) makeup paired with the side-braided do created the perfect stage to line up a parade of unique creations.

Missoni 2010 Missoni 2010

Fish Tail Plaits

The fish tail plaits presented at Missoni during the Spring/Summer 2010 show are meant to project the new revolution of hair braiding techniques. The refinement of the hairdo contrasted the non-conformism of the creations, by adding a high brow twist to the breezy summer dresses. Those who are inspired enough to experiment with the latest hair plaiting trends will find fish tail plaits the perfect option to live out their creativity and sport a unique look.

Regardless of the length and texture of locks both curls and super-sleek-strands look fabulous in a similar hair dressing style. Leave the crown area of the do neat or tousled depending on personal preferences. Walk into the footsteps of Missoni and complete the hai style with an A-list makeup targeting the new trends in shades and effects.

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