How To Accessorize A Gold Dress

If you fancy glamorous gold dress in the store, but don't know how to wear it with style, then these guidelines on how to accessorize a gold dress will tamper your concerns.
05 Oct, 2009

A gold dress can be an A-list outfit for several occasions, indeed wearing these glamorous dresses you will instantly grab the attention of others.

Consequently the perfect accessorizing is vital if you don't to dress down the breath-taking look with a kitschy style faux pas. You have to take care not to exaggerate the glimmering effect.

A gold dress irrespective of length and style can do miracles with your image. Opting for a gold dress is a brave act, that's why the overwhelming success is more rewarding.

Before you jump into your dress it is worth pre-planning the whole outfit. From top to toe, look through the refined details and patterns. Let yourself guided by the following principles when accesorizing a gold dress:

  • Too much bling an spoil the overall image, the keyword must be minimal, choose the dress according to the event you are invited to. Make sure you paid extra-attention to cleavage, length and fabric. Keep your look neat and sophisticated rather than trashy. Flash some skin however make sure you do it with great style.

  • It is important to realize that metallic dresses in contrast with little black dresses must not be cheered up with too elegant jewelries. Platinum, silver as well as gold bracelets, stud earrings are perfect elements of a glimmering

  • You can either go for the decent pieces or adopt the latest trend in accessories and sport gorgeous statement jewelry. Whether you go for pearl or gemstones, these will all enhance your radiant aura.

  • Selecting the right shoes is probably the most important part of the accessorizing process. I'm sure you've seen stars who spoiled their outfits with inappropriate shoes. That's why you have to know which types of shoes won't work at all, as flip flops and clogs.

  • Professional stylists guarantee that you'll steal the show with elegant and classy pumps, ankle strap sandals, heels and even flats. Shoes that have a hint of gold work the best, black and completely gold ones can also highlight your appearance.
    Vivid colors as pink and yellow are unfortunate choices only if you would rather shift the attention from the dress to the shoe, then what's the point in wearing it!

  • The case of the clutch is similar to that of the shoes, the point is not to exaggerate with gold however a gold clutch can complete an outfit fabulously.

    When you opt for this top notch accessory make sure you find your way out if the endless shades of gold and choose the one that mostly harmonizes with your look. The classic black, gold and silver clutch is ideal for your outfit.

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