Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

With exotic influences and charming little details, Roberto Cavalli’s gleaming Pre-Fall 2011 collection presents in stylish urban influenced looks a new series of trend prepared for next year’s fall. Get ready to find out which are the perfect styles and trends seen in Cavalli’s latest collection!
15 Dec, 2010

The Pre-Fall 2011 season at Roberto Cavalli starts fresh with chill carefree looks with a well-thought messiness attached as a mask in every outfit. Very urban and extremely chic, the 8-piece collection stands out through perfectly styled and accessorized outfits which embrace a modern and sophisticated image for next year. Very colorful and with enchanting prints, the designs have a romantic innocent look even if the clothing items are quite edgy and urban-like.

With the loose French braided hairstyle and shiny natural make-up, the collection maintains a feminine and fragile image. The accessories chosen play along in the same way, the gold jewels put a splash of luxury and elegance attached in these youthful glam-chic outfits.

Trends & Colors

Roberto Cavalli prepares a small in number yet effective in whole and simply superb lookbook for the Pre-Fall 2011 which emphasizes through what may seem as simple at first, a chic and radiant collection. The freshness of the collection is highlighted through exotic and fun prints that come in a beautiful fluid maxi dress, a dashing butterfly fabulous blouse, a pair of cute chic shorts and a bag to match them. Not only exotic prints are seen in the collection, but animal prints too, in blue shaded cheetah print which comes on a pair of stylish edgy pair of pants and a leopard printed blouse.

The chromatic theme is changing from look to look, so what starts at first in fascinating colors of black mixed with deep red-orange and yellow, goes next to glam sequin and fringed sexy gold or black dress, moving to the neutral brown earthy shade in stylish urban office looks and ending in head-to-toe blue outfits, disco silver leggings with a loose blouse and printed shorts with a fabulous red colored leather jacket.

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