Carolina Herrera Resort 2011 Collection

Carolina Herrera brings out for the Resort 2011 Collection, a line where cocktail dresses dominate this season through class, elegance, refinement and sexiness. The prints come along to emphasize the details that bring attention in these designs. Check out next this fabulous collection!
05 Jul, 2010

Carolina Herrera is one of the biggest names in fashion industry, known for her feminine and sophisticated designs, Herrera gets inspired from her own background. We've spotted the Venezuelan influences into her creations where elegance comes first next to outstanding shapes or details.

In Carolina's collection for the newest season in fashion, Resort 2011, she prepares a line where femininity is put in value wrapped into clothing wear that have an unique appeal attached to them right from the entire appearance to every single detail in part.

For the Resort 2011 Collection, Carolina Herrera brings a lot of accent mostly on details, prints and diversity in looks where cocktail dresses and business wear come in flawless looks with extravagant details that present a fabulous collection with fantastic eye-catching pieces.

The chromatic theme influences her inspirations and shows a refreshing style expressed through bright colors like summer yellow, soft pink, eccentric red, neon fuchsia, light orange, sky blue, easy green or messy purple. Yet since this collections comes with a lot of class and elegance, the immortal black and white combination is seen for this season too.

The main trends that Carolina Herrera puts accent on, in her Resort 2011 Collection show a different aspect over fashion world and new coming trends expressed through her own vision. From draping style to ruffles, polka-dots or floral prints, tulle details, one-shoulder gowns, masculine cut business suit pants, classy cocktail dresses, sheer details, abstract colorful prints and pop yellow colored trench coats, this collection combines them all together perfectly.

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