Anna Sui Fall 2009 Collection

Anna Sui is a very important fashion designer, who's collections dazzle and enchant the eye. Anna Sui's fashion collection is very recognizable because of it's unique style. Find out more about Anna Sui's fall fashion collection.
07 Oct, 2009

Anna Sui is a famous American fashion designer. Well renowned for her fashion style and creations Anna Sui received a Life Achievement Award because of her professionalism and talent. She is one of the top designers of the world, her collections never follow the same pattern bringing something new and beautiful every time.

Anna Sui has a very distinct fashion sense. Her collections are marked by detail and beautiful colors. She likes to use different color combinations, prints and embroilment's.

The Fall /winter 09/10 fashion collection is absolutely amazing. The colors Anna Sui decided to use are very soft, earth tones. Different tones of orange, red, browns, purples, grays, blues, black. The collection makes itself more interesting due to the different colored prints. From flowers to leafs and butterfly prints they all look incredible.

Anna Sui Fall 09 Anna Sui Fall 2009

The colors and prints used in the collection are appropriate for the fall/winter season because they are not as bright but still the darker tones that she used create fun and interesting outfits. They remind you of fall but not in a dull way. She managed to uplift the collection and raise the standards for other future designers.

Anna Sui Anna Sui Fall

The collection features beautiful and feminine blouses and whimsical dresses worn with black or colored tights.

The collection seems to be inspired by nature, by the bohemian fashion and Victorian style. It is a very unique and lovely collection, which could appeal to powerful yet feminine women.

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