Zooey Deschanel Fashion Style

Are you a trend-trotter and you're in need of a style idol? Then Zooey Deschanel will be the perfect must for you, the young actress and already a style guru manages to sport styles that were swept under the carpet still live in our fantasy. Get hold of her wardrobe staples and sport these colorful and versatile looks on the boring days.
20 Oct, 2009

Actress, singer-songwriter, style icon Zooey Deschanel made her reputation as an adorable presence in Hollywood and the red carpet. Her style is basically indie-vintage-boho, still unique and enchanting. In spite of her busy schedule this girl, never disappointed us with wearing a messed up or outdated outfit. She transcends the look of the rising Hollywood with her sophisticated fashion consciousness. Wearing her classic and eye-popping outfits she conquers the heart of the crowd.

Popularizing accessories and clothes that complete her signature style. It's not only about garments it's about attitude and shining. Inspired by the great classics the recently '(500) Days of Summer' starlet has a large collection of sunglasses and vintage coats, flashing these on fashion events and shootings. What could be more inspiring for use than analyzing her refined still very relaxed style.

Zooey pulls off young and chic looks by wearing babyish accessories as: tiaras, Alice bands other headbands and bows, natural or artificial flowers. The essence of her great look lies in the fact that she concentrates on a special vintage piece, weaving the overall image around that.

Girlie 'Itsy-bitsy teeny' mini and bubble skirts, matched with tights or original colorful stockings are great combination when it comes of facing the fans and stiff fashion gurus. These 'must haves' are emphasized with vintage-inspired shoes either flats or pumps, evoking a Wizard of Oz or Grimm Tale atmosphere.

Indeed apparently the young actress and appreciated singer finds extreme pleasure in maintaining the move screen and fictional atmosphere by choosing outfit basics from an unlimited palette of colors and tones. There are no limits when it comes of adopting or inspiring from a cartoon hero or style muses.

In a hybrid but extremely harmonious mosaic you'll find traces of vintage and futuristic as well as glam and class. These are all the traits that contribute to her title as a fashion icon. Undoubtedly these apparels can be best accentuated with her apparently 'je ne sais quoi' attitude towards style.

Knee-length cocktail or more ceremonial dresses add a special romantic and at the same time young and restless flair to her look. Topped with the vital accessories as bows, dots and versatile patterns the attires guarantee that the spotlight will immediately target the mastermind behind these creations.

Often granted with the award for the best dressed A-list celeb, Zooey Deschanel will be one of the fastest rising starlets much to the delight of loyal fans. Even if she constantly refuses the “It Girl” title.

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