Sienna Miller Fashion Style

Are you in need of a fashion idol that manages to wear a cavalcade of trends with the same sophisticated style? Then sure, were you inspired by Sienna Miller who is a real experimentalist when is comes of hairstyles and also outfits. Take a look at her most memorable appearances.
24 Oct, 2009

The American-born British actress and aspiring designer managed to set her worldwide reputation as being one of the few celebrities who manage to add their personal aura and attitude to each outfit.

Great designer creations make no exception when it comes of the unique Sienna shine, both when dressed casual and even when more formal and red carpet style she still remains that Boho and relaxed still cryptically alluring 'femme fatale' who she portrays in all her movie roles.

In spite of often kicking up the dust with her private life and escapades, Sienna still manages to maintain her strong and secured reputation as a star in the Hall of Fame of Fashion history. Proudly elaborating new tendencies and both chromatic and design combos, the worshiped actress is worth of a quick style evolution analysis. Who could give a more elaborate and guaranteed recipe to become a real fashion icon.

The all time Brit girl is a fervent fan of blending into the crowd with her casual outfits. Pairing breezy vintage summer dresses with cowboy boots, and colorful accessories with her mono-colored attires is one of her signature style experiments.

The Boho hybridized with the Grunge is spectacularly melted into a worth-admiring look. Jeans are without a doubt the top notch elements of her wardrobe. Often sporting the acid wash or classy skinny types that emphasize her slender and girlie figure. The basic clothing pieces are accessorized with sunglasses of all colors and styles as well as stylish bags.

Sienna Miller is indeed an unmemorable presence on the red carpet. By wearing both retro diva and also fairy tale style dresses she manages to become a real unpredictably surprising and all time overwhelming participant of great events. However it seems that besides adopting the well-known and classy trends she also volunteers to test versatile trends that landed on the street right from the runway, namely the strong shoulder pads as well as the stylish leggings.

These all paired with heels and a breath-taking smile earned her the well-deserved top position in the top of hottest and most stylish celebrities in Hollywood.

Her designer aspirations proved to be fruitful due to her creative collaboration with Pepe Jeans that turned out to be a whole line of jeans. The fashion line was named after the date of birth of Sienna Twenty8Twelve and was launched in 2007. Recently the sisters presented their Twenty8Twelve Spring/Summer 2010 Collection on the London Fashion Week.
Furthermore those who are fans of celebrity fragrances can enjoy the breezy perfume 'Boss Orange' created by Hugo Boss.

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