Chloe Sevigny Fashion Style

Chloe Sevigny proves that there's no need to go a long way to get from the movie screen to the catwalk. It's all about creativity and courage to flood the catwalk with your personal attitude towards fashion and style. The successful actress and designer manages to enchant the public with both her unique apparels and natural born acting talent.
23 Oct, 2009

Chloe Sevigny a former model and A-list actress amazes the public and fans with her original and modish style. Spotted in the street by a fashion editor she got into the treadwheel becoming gradually an admired 'it-girl'. Inspired by fashion muses as Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Marlene Dietrich and Liz Goldwyn, Chloe craved for tribute. No wonder that early in 2007 she was awarded with the role of being the spokesperson or model of the new fragrance of the French fashion house Chloe.

That's why gradually kicking over the golden rules of fashion, and reluctantly saying NO to mass trends, made designers stand up and applaud for her performance. In fact her greatest talent is to create real killer combos, whether vintage or high brow collections she can embed them into her own style.

As an apparently extremely fashion conscious girl Chloe Sevigny suggests with her outfit that you don't have to ache for being praised by others. The trick is to make it appear as effortless and natural as you can. Fake the idea that you're a many-sided personality, change your style still be true to yourself.

Grunge style outfits, denim shorts as well as cropped denim jackets bare the sign of Boho chic popularized by Chloe through all these years. However over-sized masculine style gray cardigans are her favorite pieces, since these give her look a comfortable appearance. A fact that is essential in her life.

Boosting the dazzle of the collections created by Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, the Oscar nominee claims to venerate designers as Valentino, Lanvin, Proenza and Christopher Kane. Indeed her wardrobe is flooded with bright colored and floral printed clothes that help her in pulling off some extremely feminine, classic still oh-so-fabulous and thrilling outfits.

From the floor-sweeping to the ultra-mini peek-a-boo cocktail dresses Chloe seems to bring the look of the refined cut and sheer material to perfection. Earning the title of the best dressed woman created by Vogue and Bazaar makes her one of the most influential fashion icons of our age.

Practical and sassy pieces seem to live in complete harmony in Chloe Sevigny's wardrobe. A self-defined indie stylist lacking any fuss and tantrums making vintage style look gorgeously voguish. Furthermore she is one of the few celebrities who manages to score the success without the help of a professional stylist.

Those who were mesmerized by this style icon celebrity can also enjoy the versatile and worth-admiring unisex clothing line she presented during the London Fashion Week. The latest Opening Ceremony collection featured ageless prints as the tiger or the leopard. The skinnies and stylish cardigans pay tribute to the Brit punk and prep style.

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