Alexander Calder Jewelry

Alexander Calder is an American artist, mainly known for his deep creativity regarding various artistic objects, paintings or furniture. But Calder is great in jewelry too, as his designs surely made him famous all over the world. Apparently, Alexander Calder loved creating jewelry so much, that his lifetime work includes 1800 pieces that can easily ornament and decorate the body. Not only did he use precious metals in his work, but he felt the need of mixing them with other materials, starting with wood, glass or ceramics.
27 Oct, 2009

Alexander Calder‘s jewelry collection feels as same as his whole work: it’s dynamic and multidimensional, almost biomorphic, as some art critics have noticed. It’s a great capacity and a sign of versatility for an artist to integrate elements from the surrounding space into his art and turning it into a statement, and this is what Alexander Calder did with his artistry.

If classic jewelry is “wearable art”, Alexander Calder’s does not enter exactly in this category. All the jewelry he designed, even if it’s hanging from the neck, the ears or the wrists, is something more than just an accessory, it’s an artistic statement that needs to be understood and accepted as it is. Art, more than jewelry.

Among his beautiful designs, we absolutely adored a certain symbol, the spiral; made of a gold wire, which was actually his engagement ring for the love of his life, Louisa.

The spiral will be, during his work, a repeating symbol with deep connotations for the artist. As a complex artist, Alexander Calder integrated sculpture, another love of his, into his jewelry designs. This translates into body-armor shaped necklaces, or brass knuckles for the shoulders or a certain piece called the “Flower Necklace”, which is a chain of delicate silver leaves attached to a daisy like blossom.

And because his very engagement ring was made of wire, no wonder he was able to realize the most beautiful flower from…wire again! It’s just beautiful!

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